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2015 Employee Benefits

2015 Employee Benefits

The hot hazy days of summer are fading away. The kids have gone back to school and you’re about to get the 2015 enrollment package from your employer. Yes, it most certainly is that time of year; you have to pick options for next year’s health care plans, savings plans (401k, 403b etc.) and other optional choices.

There will, no doubt, be some changes, everything will cost more and the options available to you will be confusing, boring and mind numbing. It’s no wonder that many people just “pick what they had last year” and move on to something else. With that being said, you should stand out from the crowd and take the time to understand what your options are, how they impact your life and then carefully select those best suited for your situation.

Since you are already in the mode to “plan” for next year’s benefit selections, it is a fantastic time to start or review an existing financial plan. Your company might be introducing a High Deductible Health Care Plan with a Heath Savings Account (HSA) available, there could be changes to your employer saving plans, maybe you want or should be enrolled in the long term disability plan, they might even offer discounted or free financial planning services as part of their benefits.

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Spend 10-15% of your income … it’s recommended!

Spend 10-15% of your income … it’s recommended!

Not exactly the headline typically found on a Financial Planner’s blog, is it? It’s not a fake headline to grab attention like those found across the “news media” either. The statement is 100% factual and I actually recommend my clients “spend” as much as possible!

Hold the phone Batman … that’s absurd … ridiculous … scandalous even!

A big part of financial planning revolves around goal planning and ultimately determining the “number” needed to achieve a goal. Typically, the process includes understanding how much a person is spending today, which involves the ever dreaded “B” word … Budget. “Ugh, budgets”.

“I’m a terrible saver, but I love spending.” “I’m a great shopper, I can spend with the best of them”. A common thought is most people are somehow bad at saving money, but great at spending it. For the moment, I’ll skip the notion that a great spender already has a detailed budget in place. Instead, I’ll focus on the strengths of the inner power shopper in us all. Read more..

Gift Certificate Program

Gift Certificate Program – 2014

Today marks the release of our financial planning gift certificate program. This is a fantastic and thoughtful gift for those special people in your life. We offer our gift certificates in several options to best fit your gift giving needs. Your purchase also includes a gift certificate Sample for presenting to your gift recipient on their special day.

Gift Certificate Options

  1. A flat dollar amount to be used towards any of our services offered
  2. A select number of prepaid hours to be used towards any of our services offered
  3. Prepay the entire amount of the recipients needs (requires a pre-consultation with us to determine the scope and cost)

Additional Program Features

  • No expiration dates
  • Transferable to other family members
  • Can be used for any of our services
  • No need to redeem entire gift certificate at once
  • Lost certificates – notify us for a replacement

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Financial Planning Process

Gerrish Financial’s 7 Step Financial Planning Process

Gerrish Financial Planning Process

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