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Spend 10-15% of your income … it’s recommended!

Spend 10-15% of your income … it’s recommended!

Not exactly the headline typically found on a Financial Planner’s blog, is it? It’s not a fake headline to grab attention like those found across the “news media” either. The statement is 100% factual and I actually recommend my clients “spend” as much as possible!

Hold the phone Batman … that’s absurd … ridiculous … scandalous even!

A big part of financial planning revolves around goal planning and ultimately determining the “number” needed to achieve a goal. Typically, the process includes understanding how much a person is spending today, which involves the ever dreaded “B” word … Budget. “Ugh, budgets”.

“I’m a terrible saver, but I love spending.” “I’m a great shopper, I can spend with the best of them”. A common thought is most people are somehow bad at saving money, but great at spending it. For the moment, I’ll skip the notion that a great spender already has a detailed budget in place. Instead, I’ll focus on the strengths of the inner power shopper in us all. Read more..

Financial Planner vs Financial Advisor

A common question I hear from folks I meet with is; “what’s the difference between a Financial Planner and a Financial Advisor (aka Broker)?” “Oh, you’re a Financial Planner, you just make stock picks right?”

Now picture a cartoon image of a man pulling his hair out, shouting “No, No and No!” That’s what I’m thinking on the inside when I get asked this question. However, I’m dedicated to providing practical knowledge about the confusing world of titles, phrases and acronyms that the financial services industry spits out (at a mind blowing rate).

Simply put, there are two types of job categories associated with the financial advising/planning world. Those that are financial products salespeople and those that provide services.

  • Financial Advisors – sell financial products
  • Financial Planners – provide financial planning services

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